I encourage you to explore my website and determine if I might be a helpful support on your journey through the changing tides of life. I can help you navigate through difficult times and assist you in identifying your goals and a route to obtaining them in the future.

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I am a NYS licensed clinical social worker specializing in grief, addiction and health-related concerns. My practice is heavily focused on developing a trusting relationship and establishing a sense of security necessary to begin exploring change and fostering growth. I provide a nurturing and compassionate space for healing.

I have 11 years of social work experience as well as many years working in a behavioral health setting and have specialized in oncology services. I currently work with adults of all ages and offer both individual and couples therapy.

If for some reason I am unable to accommodate your needs, I will work with you to locate another therapist who may be better suited to address your concerns.

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Jennifer McCormick, LCSW-R
269 Riverside Drive, Johnson City, NY 13790
For consultation, please call: 607-765-0039

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